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Logo: ENGIEENGIE Services Inc. joins the Energy Services Association of Canada (ESAC)

Toronto, March 13, 2018

The CEO and Board of the Energy Services Association of Canada (ESAC) is pleased to welcome its newest member, ENGIE Services Inc., an ENGIE subsidiary specializing in integrated infrastructure management and energy efficiency with offices in Montreal and in Toronto.

ENGIE Services is a major player in energy efficiency, facility management and outsourcing for businesses and communities. ENGIE Services designs, builds and manages tailor-made and sustainable solutions for airports, office parks and industrial and military buildings.


Performance-based solutions become the premier choice for energy and infrastructure renewal initiatives, resulting in fiscally and environmentally responsible outcomes.


Actively promote government policies and regulatory support for greater use of guaranteed performance base solutions to implement energy efficiency, renewable energy and infrastructure renewal initiatives.

Strategic Objectives

Develop and advocate adoption of government policy, regulations and programs that enhance the role of performance-based solutions in achieving government’s climate change, conservation and economic development objectives.

Increase the profile of performance based solutions as well as members of Energy Services Association of Canada in achieving climate change and conservation objectives, particularly by politicians and senior levels of government.

Founding Members

Ameresco Honeywell Johnson Controls
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MCW Custom Energy Solutions Siemens Trane
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Ainsworth Armstrong Blackstone Energy
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ENGIE Philips Sylvania Lighting Solutions
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